3 Very Popular & Easy Ice Breaker Ideas for Team Building

As in any teambuilding programme, to start off the day’s event, we would usually start it off with some ice breaker activities. If an organization has company employees of more than 20 for example, you would expect the employees tend to click together with those from the same department. We need to break down that barrier.

Outdoor activity

Outdoor activity

To start off a teambuilding activity for company employees, we first need to get the staff members to mingle among themselves. We can easily do this by dividing the meeting participants into groups of 4-5 persons. We just number them off eg. First person is 1, second person is 2, third person is 1, fourth person is 2 and it goes on.

7 Things in Common

So we tell the newly formed group that in each group, they need to find 7 things that they have in common. Nothing to do with the things that they wear or what that they do at work etc. This will help the group members to discover their shared interests more broadly. One person in the group must take notes and to read out the list to the whole group when they are done.

Another member in the group will read out their whole list of things that they have in common first. Then each group will share their whole list with the whole group. Usually as the person is reading it out, you will hear of laughter from the group, and discussion among the members. This ice breaker takes only 1-15 minutes to do, of course depending on the group size. To keep the activity short, you could only allow about 7 minutes for brainstorming or discussion and the rest to read it out.

Speed Dating? Speed Meeting?

Discussion during team building event

Discussion during team building event

Here is another idea. Ever heard of Speed Dating? You can use the same concept for your team groups but here we call it Speed meeting. Divide them into 2 by 2. Then give them each about 5 minutes to mention their names and perhaps what they are going to do once the teambuilding outing ends or perhaps their 5 favourite food and why and once the bell rings, they have to move on to the next person. This speed meeting will make them move around the room, and generate laughter from the crowd as they move on from 1 participant to another.

Year of the Coin

Each person tosses a coin and then tell the members what they were doing in that year. It can be something memorable or something insignificant. This ice breaker encourages people to open up and talk, hence get to know one another better.

Above are 3 very easy to do team building ideas for you to implement into your Teambuilding programme.

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