5 Fun and Effective Team Building Games

There are tons of activities to improve team work but not all of them are fun enough to keep the members entertained. You do not want only some people take part in the activity while the others just keep staring at others with bored faces.

Here are some activities that will ensure you to have fun with your colleagues, at the same time building connections among team members.

1.    Egg Drop Soup

This game is played by teams of two for each group. Each team is given a water balloon and they have to line up across from each other. The water balloon is passed back and forth for three times. After they finished doing that, one side needs to take a step back and proceed with passing the water balloon for three times again. Repeat this step again until they have a final winner which manages the balloon tossing without bursting them.

There will always be small accident happening, eg. people dropping the balloons even before the game started, so you need to prepare extra water balloons. You can also use eggs if you are daring enough.

Water balloon tossing game

Water balloon tossing game

2.    Land Mines

This is an outdoor activity, usually done at a field. You need to set up water balloons or cups filled with water. Each team member will be blindfolded except for one member. The person without the blindfold will direct his/her team to the right direction, so that they will not step on the balloons. The team that had walked across the mine field without bursting the balloons and the quickest is the winner.

In this game, team member need to trust the “eye” and to listen to the directions carefully.

Another version of Landmine

Another version of Landmine

3.    Blindfold Soccer

In pairs, each group is given a soccer ball. One of them is blindfolded and the other needs to guide their teammate to dribble or kick the ball. The guide can use verbal actions and he/she can hold the blindfolded person’s hand to guide them to the goal.

Building trust is important in this game. The blindfolded person needs to trust his/her partner in order to complete the mission.

Blindfolded soccer

Blindfolded soccer

4.    Hunt the Leader

The game is actually a manhunt game. The participants need to find a list of people. They can be your colleagues, your team leader or anyone. However, it can be hard to find them as they will be in disguise. Participants need to get the targets’ signatures and the fastest of them wins.

This game is fun to play at a crowded place, such as shopping mall or park so that it will be much more difficult to catch the target. Participants can be split up into groups so that they can spot the targets much easier.

5.    Tug of War

Even though this sounded old-fashioned, you can invent other games from tug-of-war. For example, there is a multi-directional tug-of-war that you can often watch in Korean variety shows such as Running Man. It does not matter how many members are there in each team, as long as they all have the same number of people. If there are 5 teams, 5 ropes are knotted together and each team members will take each rope ends with the last person which is the person at the end of the rope being tied to the rope. The last memberhas to try his best to grab the flag planted on the ground. The team that managed to grab their own flag wins.

It depends on how many teams are there. If there are about 20 teams, you need to break them into four groups and even turn the game into a competition.

These are just some activities to liven things up at a team building event, so the activities are not restricted to indoor activities only. Besides having fun, the participants can know each other better and that will build trust among them.

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