5 Tips to having a Budget Team Building

Some team buildings are expensive to come by. People like to combine fun and leisure in their team building, so the perfect location is needed.
There are some ways for you to hold a team building event without spending too much money. All you need to have is a space for mingling and play games.

1. Cut off frivolous activities
Activities that have little to do with team building should be removed from the list. Even though they are fun to do, the activities might not be important enough to strengthen your work relationship among employees. Paintball is one of them. There are other cheaper and more efficient activities that you can do instead of renting a paintball park.

Scavenger Hunt across the city

Scavenger Hunt across the city in teams

2. Do some activities near to your hotel
There are various activities that you can do near to your hotel. If the hotel that you are staying is in the city, then it is a good idea to have scavenger hunt. For example, provide each team with some money in case there is something that needed to be purchased in the list. Even better, ask them to find something that does not require money, instead maybe a square shaped rock, or even certain type of leaf that you find on the pavement.

3. Explore more cost effective venues
It is a good idea to rent community centres, universities or campsite for your team building. It is cheaper that way. Campsite sounds more interesting, and it will be fun staying there and have your team building activities in the midst of nature.

The perfect camping site for team building

The perfect camping site for team building

4. Combine team building event with another activity
Team building is another excuse for you to go exploring other state and country. For example, by having a team building in Mulu National Park, you can explore the most amazing caves in Malaysia. Furthermore, by planning an overnight trip to Miri, you can tour the oil resort city and shop for souvenirs there.

Shop for souvenir at Batu Bungan Penan Settlement in Mulu

Shop for souvenir at Batu Bungan Penan Settlement in Mulu, Sarawak

5. Book hotel sooner
Some hotels are cheaper when booked earlier. Keep in mind that you should also avoid peak season while planning the team building event.

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