6 Popular Seafood Eateries in Kuching

1. Top Spot Food Court
If you talk about seafood restaurant in Kuching, this place would definitely be your first choice. It is situated in the middle of Kuching city and easy to find, as it was within walking distance from our famous cat statue. Located on top of Taman Kereta (literally translates to “Car Park”), the place has several seafood stalls. The dishes that you definitely had to try are curry ambal (bamboo clam), steamed fish, midin belacan, oyster pancake, grilled prawns, and many others. You can also choose the seafood yourself.

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2. See Good Food Centre
See Good Food Centre, located at Ban Hock Road, is one of the best seafood places in Kuching. First timers might have a hard time to locate the restaurant. It is located in front of Hua Kuok Inn and near Grand Supreme Hotel. The restaurant opens every day except on the 4th and 18th of every month. At this family restaurant, you can try their seafood selections such as oyster pancake, bamboo shell clams, and various types of fish, lobster and crabs.

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3. Buntal 88 Seafood Centre
Even though it was quite far from the city, Buntal has several seafood restaurants due to its location by the sea. After much consideration, we decided that the best seafood restaurant there is 88 Seafood Centre. Our recommended dish would be fish deep fried with garlic and ginger, bamboo clams with curry, salted prawn and bitter gourd with salted egg.

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4. Rock Road Seafood Restaurant
Rock Road Seafood Restaurant, an upclass restaurant located at Rock Road, is a halal-certified seafood restaurant. The restaurant had been around since 1960s. There, you can choose the type of fish or crabs that you want and how you want it cooked and order your food even before you are even seated. We would recommend sharks fin Soup, Crabs stir fried in satay sauce, Fish pan-fried with soy sauce and Scallop with broccoli.

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5. Pending Seafood Centre
This seafood centre is more to hawker style. Its cosy atmosphere had attracted people to visit it. There are several stalls here such as L & L Seafood, Chai Seafood, New Hui Wang Seafood, Yee Siang Seafood and others. This place is popular because it is located near to fresh raw seafood products supply.

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6. Benson Seafood
This seafood place sits at the riverbank. It is near to the fish market so the seafood is fresh. The famous dishes there are pepper crab, chilli crab or prawns, oyster pancake, squid with soy sauce, clams, deep fried fish with several choices for the sauce and many others. While enjoying your meal, you can see several boats and sampan passing by the river.

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