7 Team Building ideas for great time together

In order to make teambuilding fun and interesting, especially for a big group, here are 7 fun ideas for your company to think about and work on.

Some ideas that we used to do as kids can be used as teambuilding games for the participants. When everyone is having fun, even games that are deemed childish is worth joining.

1) Each group is given a necktie.

Each member in a group will come up with creative way to tie a necktie. The person with the most creative knot will win the game. This translates to creative idea and juices to flow in a company, and for creative way to solve a problem.

2) Life boat game

Each group is given a task of whom to save in a sinking boat when there are 10 different persons in the boat, with their own nationality, profession and gender. They are given 10 minutes to discuss and then to tell us why the person is eliminated and why the last person standing there should be the last on the life boat.

This game tells us how the participants prioritize the person whom they work with at their workplace and how they can help each other to stay in the boat during crisis, here being to help each other to solve problems when issues arise.

Rafting activity

Rafting activity

3) Best time of my life

Each participant is given a deck of card, and they choose either Ace that represents their school life, Queen that represents the time when they started working and Jack that represents the time when they get married and have children, and then they have to tell us the best time of their lives during any of the chosen lifetime of the card. So when they start to tell us here about their background, we are able to know more about them.

4) Toxic Waste

Toxic waste is a game that challenges on leadership, coordination and patience as a leader, as the members are blind folded and led to remove toxic waste from the danger zone. Here, of course we use only water as toxic waste.

Toxic Waste game

Toxic Waste game

5) Lead to people

Here, we need to find a participant that is different from us, eg. They are heavier by 50 pounds, taller with 2 inches, thinner of opposite gender, and we just jot down things we noticed about them. So here, we are able to get to know our colleagues better via their appearance or outlook.

Building teamwork

Building teamwork

6) Walk this way

Each participants are divided into 2 rows. The first person will do a funny dance. Then followed by the next one, who will do a different dance routine than the first one. By the time they reached the last person, everyone will be laughing and all pumped up. It relieves and distress the participants and get them in a relaxed and fun mood.

7) Contribution to the company

Everyone moves around and tell the person they meet of how they can contribute to the company productivity. They must tell as many people as they can. The most person told will win. This game will make them think of how they can contribute to the company and the role that they play in the company. Most people have been working for a company and never really thought about their role in the organization. This act of telling another person what role they play in the organization will reinforce this value of their contribution to the company.

We hope that the above 7 ideas will excite you to create the above games for your company staff in one of your company teambuilding event.

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