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Purpose Driven Team Building

Why are the employees reluctant to go for trips? Many would give an excuse as mundane as no one to look after their pet cat or need to be around their children during the holidays. For them, going on team building trips is a complete waste of time as it is tearing them away from …

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Benefits of Team Building

Why do companies do team building? What are the benefits of team building? Let’s explore them and understand further this culture of team building. Firstly, it improves the group skills in communication and bonding. Take up a challenge game which is light hearted and yet require co-operation, mental stamina and artistic skills. The success of …

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Sarawak Laksa in 5 minutes

swak white laksa-resize

 Sarawak Laksa in 5 minutes Sarawak laksa is Sarawak’s most popular dish. It is not exactly curry though if you come from Singapore, you would say that it tastes like Curry laksa. Recently, we decided to check out the latest Instant Sarawak White Laksa by Lee Fah brand, which is available in packets of 5 …

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Sabah Honeymoon Adventure is the right holiday for you

Wind chimes made of bamboo at Nabalu Market

Are you going on your honeymoon soon? How about injecting some adventure into your honeymoon tour in Sabah? Go trekking along Mt Kinabalu up to Layang Layang Point, and then enjoy a Honeymoon retreat up at Kundasang, outside Kinabalu Park.   Here is our proposed itinerary. We pick both of you up at airport and …

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How to ensure positive outcome from teambuilding flows back to office place

Companies organise team building to develop a team’s effectiveness and also efficiency to achieve a common goal. When individuals feel appreciated, their focus will not be to do the minimum requirement output, but to do their best all the time. 1) Setting many goals The reason for a team building is to be fun to …

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Things to bring during your Mountain Torq adventure

For experienced mountain hikers, they would know what to bring for their adventure. However, for us amateurs, guidance and instructions are needed so that we can have a fun and wonderful Mount Kinabalu hiking. Even if there is so much to bring, remember to pack light. You should keep in mind that you are going …

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Mountain Torq Trip Preparation

Walk the Torq and Low's Peak Circuit Via Ferrata Route

Experience the world’s highest Via Ferrata, which is managed Mountain Torq. Besides that, Mountain Torq also offers activities such as sports and rock climbing, rappelling and mountaineering skills courses. Although the team will prepare all the equipment needed for mountain climbing, you need to prepare your mental and physical strength prior to your Mount Kinabalu …

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Diving Wonderland of Mantanani Island, Lankayan Island and Pom Pom Island, Sabah

Clear blue water at Mantanani Island

Mantanani Island Mantanani Island is a group of three islands scattered closely within each other at the northwest coast of Kota Kinabalu. It can be reached by boat from Kuala Abai, Kota Belud for about an hour. A number of fishing families live in Mantani Besar, while the smaller island of Lingisan and Mantanani Kecil …

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Lambir Hills National Park Sarawak

Latak Waterfall, the most famous waterfall at Lambir National Park

Lots of waterfalls and bathing pools can be found in Lambir Hills National Park, in northern Sarawak. With dense forest covering the 6,952 hectares or sandstone hills, the park has diverse plant life and wildlife. There are at least 237 different species of birds, and vast number of flying squirrels, wild pigs and gibbons. In …

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The History of the North Borneo Railway

Passengers boarding the North Borneo Train

The 1880’s had brought great changes around Borneo. It all began with a British administrator, who was an adventure seekers that came to Borneo to unveil the mysteries and richness that lies within Borneo itself. He was William Clarke Cowie, Managing Director of North Borneo Railway who came up with the suggestion of building a …

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