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3 Very Popular & Easy Ice Breaker Ideas for Team Building

As in any teambuilding programme, to start off the day’s event, we would usually start it off with some ice breaker activities. If an organization has company employees of more than 20 for example, you would expect the employees tend to click together with those from the same department. We need to break down that …

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Is Extreme Teambuilding for everyone?

Mount Kinabalu team climbing

There are many extreme sports activities out there. If your management team is one of those who love extreme sports, then they would think that organising extreme teambuilding activities is the way to go for the company employees. Is this right for everyone? Let us first examine what is extreme building. It is defined as …

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5 Tips to having a Budget Team Building

The perfect camping site for team building

Some team buildings are expensive to come by. People like to combine fun and leisure in their team building, so the perfect location is needed. There are some ways for you to hold a team building event without spending too much money. All you need to have is a space for mingling and play games. …

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7 Accommodation options at Mount Kinabalu

Panar Laban Hut

Mount Kinabalu is high enough that people needs two days to complete it. Accommodations are available half-way to the top. They are Laban Rata Resthouse and several mountain huts for climbers to stay and rest for the night before climbing to the peak on the second day early morning. Here is the list of the …

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5 Fun and Effective Team Building Games

Four way tug of war

There are tons of activities to improve team work but not all of them are fun enough to keep the members entertained. You do not want only some people take part in the activity while the others just keep staring at others with bored faces. Here are some activities that will ensure you to have …

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What Is Your Role in a Team and Which One are You?

Everyone has their own role in a team

In a team, you need to find your role and people always find this a troublesome task. They need to consider each other’s strengths and weaknesses for them to take the role that suit them. Belbin’s Theory had list out the team member’s roles in order to build the perfect productive team. Here is a …

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5 Reasons to Organize a Team Building Event

Team building is essential for big or small organization to improve teamwork between members. It is also important to show your team member your capabilities in leadership. Here are the top five reasons why you should organize a team building event. 1.             Encourage team member to contribute creative ideas Doing something out of the norm …

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Review of The LimeTree Hotel, Kuching Sarawak

The spacious Executive Deluxe Room at The LimeTree Hotel

Strategically located in Kuching city centre, the hotel has up to 50 rooms and suites. The location of the hotel makes it easy for guests to walk to the nearby tourist’s attractions such as Chinatown Padungan and Kuching Waterfront. Image credit to The LimeTree Hotel Official Website The LimeTree hotel got its name from the …

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12 Steps To Build An Effective And Cohesive Team

Successful team is a team that has members which enjoy working together with their colleagues. They work cooperatively with each other to achieve common goals. Cohesive team is also a team which manages to resolve conflicts which occurs among team members or their current work. This type of team is productive not because of the …

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Importance Of Team Building In The Workplace

Importance Of Team Building In The Workplace Why is it team building is so important in workplace? You need a comfortable and enjoyable place to work, so it built up your motivation to keep coming to work every day. Employees are advised to work smarter in order to deliver the best results. Although individual work …

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