Benarat Inn, accommodation for budget travellers in Mulu

If budget is your top priority during your visit to Gunung Mulu National Park, then Benarat Inn, Mulu is definitely the choice accommodation.

Benarat Inn will provide you with a clean place to stay and rest after your days of tiring but interesting tour in Mulu National Park, helping you in better managing your traveling budget, and at the same time allowing you to see all the Mulu caves in Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak without much logistic challenges.

Benarat Chalet in Mulu National Park

Also known as Benarat Lodge, it is located just opposite the Royal Mulu Resort, which is across the Melinau River, surrounded by flourishing green rainforests, and friendly people to care for you during your stay there.

Essentially a budget accommodation or guesthouse, Benarat Inn uses clear water, which is directly pumped up from the river, while electricity power generated from a generator.

Family Room at Benarat Lodge

Family Room at Benarat Lodge

For those who love nature, the lack of around-the-clock electricity would be compensated by the feeling of how the environment is given a deep thought at Benarat Inn, especially for those greenies who are actually in Gunung Mulu National Park to witness the natural wonders of any Mulu cave, far away from any modernity.

Perhaps for those greenies, a stay at Benarat Inn, having to stay with the basic setup would make them feel as being closer to nature.

And for a budget back-to-basics accommodation, those who do not expect any special services would find their stay at Mulu National Park’s Benarat Inn very much worthwhile.

Those traveling on a budget would sense they have arrived to the right place if they are searching for a budget accommodation in Gunung Mulu National Park.

Cafe at Benarat Lodge

Cafe at Benarat Lodge

Benarat Inn is a stilted lumber hostel situated near the Mulu National Park headquarters, while Sungai Pala Restaurant is at a separate timber building nearby. Food at the restaurant is of worthy prices, though simple, but visitors can expect to have their tummy filled when enjoying their meals at the comfortable common dining hall overlooking the Melinau River.

There are three types of room available at Benarat Inn, Mulu National Park. They are single room, double or twin room and triple share room.

If you look for a back-to-basics sojourn from the city with a great and pleasant environment, having a big compound under the sun and so near to nature, Benarat Inn is highly recommended.

Benarat Inn is full most times and you would need to book early through

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