Bintulu Kites Festival-An exciting festival to look forward to

Bintulu town, known for their oil and gas factories is also the birth place for Bintulu Kite Festival since 2005. To make things more interesting, kite flyers in Bintulu had flown themselves into the Malaysia book of records earlier in 2013 by flying 2, 250 kites simultaneously for 20 minutes. With that many kites, imagine what it would look like during the Bintulu Kite Festival which is usually held in September every year.

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Kite Festival in Bintulu Sarawak

Borneo Kites in the air

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Bintulu is known for their Kite Festival as they have annually organized the event yearly since 2005. Kite flyers from around Sarawak will compete with each other during this time of the year by showcasing their skills in kite flying and handling for a chance to win trophies. That’s not all about the festival though; the festival will showcase a large number of colorful and different kinds of kites flying around in the skies decorating it with different colors and looks.

Kite Festival in Bintulu Sarawak

Borneo Kites in Bintulu

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Kites that are built and flown in the sky come in various shapes and sizes. Coming from a simple square shaped kite to bigger kites with different shapes and even characters, these kites are flown throughout the day and amazes viewers at the festival. More kites can be flown if there is a strong wind during the time of the festival, so it is best to get ready for what you can expect to see if there is a strong wind during that time.

The Kite Festival is joined by different kind of people be it national or international, young or old, amateur or professional kite fliers. They may be people of different race and age, but they share the common interest in kites and seeing the beauty of the kites decorating the skies and also to spend some wonderful time with their families.

During the Kite Festival, there are also other activities conducted in the area such as coloring contest, workshop on the making of “wau”, a Malaysian traditional kite, and also food fairs. Public members will also be able to watch kite stunts which will be showcased throughout the day.

The number of people joining and watching the event has increased over the past years so you could expect to see more kites taking the skies every year. Not only does it makes you adore the beauty of the colorful kites coloring the sky, it will also amaze you to see what the kite flyers can do with their kites by producing different kinds of stunts with it.

The Bintulu Kites Festival is an event worth going with your family and friends. Enjoy the display of kites in the skies or learn more through their workshop on the ground. Either one, it won’t be a disappointment to make your way to Bintulu for the festival.

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