Competition vs. Interdependence at Team Building Event

Big companies organise team building yearly or the start of a big project because the management knows that team building is a powerful way to unite the employees from various departments. It is powerful not only for uniting the employees but also to develop each employee’s strength and getting them to think out of the box.

So now, is it better to have competition among the competing groups or better to have inter-dependence activities at a Team Building Event?

Cheering each other before activities

Cheering each other before activities

In my opinion, there are 2 ways to look at it. Here are my thoughts are below:

COMPETITION amongst the team members:


1) When you compete in a game outdoor, you are actually realising what your limits are .

2) You are required to push your limit so as to help ensure that the members win.

3) When you are in a team group, you need to help your members to push their limit, hence you get to know one another better.

4) Competition may cause dislike because if the team loses because of 1 team member’s fault, the whole team will dislike or hate that person that causes the team to lose.

5) Competition actually makes a person or team work against the other. This will cause division of the company employees.

6) In a competition, those who are not skilful in that specific game would feel demotivated.

Games that use INTER DEPENDENCE for the team members

Helping one another to overcome obstacle

Helping one another to overcome obstacle


1) The team member is forced to work in a group instead of individually.

2) When you depend on one another in a teambuilding game, you would naturally get to know each other better.

3) There is a feeling of camaraderie in the teambuilding group, which you can translate into good working relationship amongst colleagues in the office later.

4) When you help each other out, both of you share a feeling of success and that “Feel Good” when your team eventually win that competition.

5) This “Feel Good” feeling would be brought back to the office and they would happily work on their tasks knowing that they can rely on their colleagues to help them out if they face any issue or problems later.

Work together in a team

Work together in a team

In my humble opinion, in a teambuilding event, it is best to have competitive games and games that require the participants to be inter dependent. So we bring out the best in the employees in the sense that we made them push their limits in a game and also at same time we required them to help one another to reach the end goal.

In conclusion, there is always 2 sides to a coin and depending on how you looked at it but the best of both side of arguments hold true.

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