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Experience the world’s highest Via Ferrata, which is managed Mountain Torq. Besides that, Mountain Torq also offers activities such as sports and rock climbing, rappelling and mountaineering skills courses. Although the team will prepare all the equipment needed for mountain climbing, you need to prepare your mental and physical strength prior to your Mount Kinabalu climb and these tips might help you.

Walk the Torq and Low's Peak Circuit Via Ferrata Route

Walk the Torq and Low’s Peak Circuit Via Ferrata Route

1.         Do some research on Mount Kinabalu

You need to read enough information about Mount Kinabalu, regarding the weather, climbing route, accommodation, and transportation. Learn about the best time to climb Mount Kinabalu to avoid rainy season. The best time to climb Mount Kinabalu is between the months of February to April since it was not monsoon season. Summit climb may be cancelled if the weather is bad, as it can be dangerous to climbers due to water flowing down the walking path.

View of the Low's Peak summit

View of the Low’s Peak summit

2.         Assess your mental strength

This does not apply to Mountain Torq adventure only. You need to prepare for the mental assault when you climb a mountain. Without mental strength, you might want to give up halfway. Willpower helps at desperate time.

3.         Get fit

You just do not climb a mountain on a whim. Start preparing for the climb 2 to 3 months prior to your climb and do more cardiovascular exercises. Running, cycling and biking helps to increase physical strength stamina.

Mountain's Torq Via Ferrata, the highest via ferrata in the world

Mountain’s Torq Via Ferrata, the highest via ferrata in the world


4.         Get training

You need to have experience in mountain climbing. You can try indoor rock climbing, just to get the hang of it, though people said that via ferrata is easier than rock climbing. It is also a good idea to try the easier hill climbing to improve your climbing skill.

5.         Learn basic first aid

You should also learn to do basic first aid techniques and rescue signals in case of emergency. There is always the possibility for injury to either yourself or your climbing partners. The best way to learn first aid is to attend CPR and first aid class. There is also an online first aid training if you do not have the time to go to the class.

6.         Good licensed guide

The guide will give full safety briefing and training on how to use the safety devices. They are also there to climb with you, provide tips on how to negotiate the more difficult obstacles, as well as highlight some of the spectacular sights along the way.

Walk the Torq at Mount Kinabalu

Walk the Torq at Mount Kinabalu

7.         Knows the climbing schedule prior on arrival

Mountain Torq’s guide will give you instructions on using the equipment and this is one crash course that you cannot miss, or else you will be exempted from via ferrata climbing. Your via ferrata adventure only starts on your way to descend the mountain, so the guide will meet you at Pendant Hut on the first day and they will advise you on the actual meeting point during your briefing session in the afternoon of your arrival.

8.         Altitude Training

It is common for climbers to get symptoms of altitude sickness, including headaches, nausea and vomiting. Though it is wise to bring some medicine, you also need to train yourself to get used to the altitude. You need to acclimatise your body to the relative lack of oxygen. It will also make you stronger. Did you ever wonder why martial arts academies are often built high up the mountains in old movies? It is the same concept with why Kenyans tend to win medals in the Olympic Track and Field events. The answer is simple: altitude training.

9.         Learn about mountaineering ethics

Leave only footprints behind. Please avoid vandalizing the beauty of nature, and do not take any memento from the mountain. Respect the silence of nature and do not make noises that may disturb wildlife or other people. Also, be careful with inflammable material and if possible, avoid smoking as it can cause fire when it is discarded in the bush. The locals believe that there are ‘mountain spirits’ that protect the mountain and they still perform religious ceremonies annually there.

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