Climb Mt Kinabalu 2 Days 1 Night Package


6am: We pick you up from hotel and depart on a 2 hours journey to Kinabalu Park Headquarters where you will collect your packed lunch.

Kinabalu Park Hostel
Kinabalu Park Hostel

9am: Our licensed guide will arrange all your necessary registrations, assign you a mountain guide and give you an ID Tag to be worn at all times.

You will then proceed to Timpohon Gate, the starting point of your journey to conquer Mount Kinabalu. This first part of the climb will take you around 4-5 hours depending on your level of fitness and speed.

There are 6 shelters along the way for you to refill your water bottle and take a rest. Enjoy the panoramic view of the rainforest. You will pass beautiful vegetation that changes as you go higher, from Oak and Chestnut to mossy and later alpine vegetations.

3:30pm: We will arrive at Laban Rata and check into the rest house or similar in late afternoon. 7pm: We will be served buffet dinner at Laban Rata restaurant and we stay overnight there. (Packed lunch, Buffet Dinner)


Mt Kinabalu Trail Map via Timpohon Trail

Mount Kinabalu Trail Map via Timpohon


Climbing Mt Kinabalu
On the way to Mt Kinabalu
Low's Peak of Mt Kinabalu
Low’s Peak of Mt Kinabalu
Successful Climber of Mt Kinabalu
Successful Climber of Mt Kinabalu
sunrise view from Mount Kinabalu
sunrise view from Mount Kinabalu

2am: We will wake up early for supper. Remember to bring along your flash light and camera.  We then depart for continuation of journey towards the summit of Mount Kinabalu. The climb will be tough and will be towards Low’s peak (4,095.2m). you will  test your level of fitness, grit and determination.

3:00 am – Your ultimate and final attempt to conquer the summits of Hugh Low’s Peak at 4,095.2. You are now on the peak of Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak of South East Asia.

5:45 am – This is the time to witness the spectacular sunrise, the most breath taking view you will ever see.

7:00 am – We will now descend to Laban Rata for breakfast.

10:00 am – Check out and proceed to Timpohon Gate for transfer back to Kinabalu Park Headquarters. We will arrive between 1pm-3pm. Your guide will register with the park authorities that you have completed the climb. You will then be given a certificate of achievement for completion of the climb.

Lunch will be served at the Balsam restaurant in Kinabalu Park. We will then transfer you back to Kota Kinabalu city which will take you 2 hours or you have the choice to take an optional tour to Poring Hot Spring to soak your sore limbs in the hot spring there. ( Early Supper, Breakfasts and Lunch)

SPECIAL NOTE: It is recommended that all climbers should have themselves medically checked before attempting any mountain climb. If you have a history of suffering from the following ailments, it is highly recommend that you should refrain from climbing: Hypertension, Diabetes, Palpitation, Arthritis, Heart disease, severe anemia, Peptic ulcers, Epileptic fits, Obesity, Chronic asthma, Muscular cramps, Hepatitis (jaundice) or any other disease which may hamper the climber.

The above information provided by Sabah Park. PHYSICAL FITNESS IS REQUIRED


Package includes:

Meals (1 Breakfast, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner & 1 Supper), 1 Night Accommodation at Laban Rata Rest House or similar (non heated dormitory), Entrance Fee, Return Hotel Transfer (Seat-In-Coach), Return Transfer (Park HQ – Timpohon Gate – Park HQ), English Speaking Mountain Guide, Climbing Insurance and Climbing Permit.

Excludes: Airfares, Certificate, Optional Tipping & Porter Fee, Alcoholic Drinks, Any Items Not Mentioned, Mountain Guides’ overtime after 1800hrs during climbing.

  NB: If you hire services below, you need to pay separately there.
1) Porter Fee (price as table below)
2) Mt guide overtime (after 6:00pm) MYR 40.00 per hour per guide.

1.Timpohon gate – Laban Rata
RM 65.00
2.Laban Rata – Timpohon gate
RM 65.00
3.Timpohon gate – Sayat-Sayat
RM 75.00
4.Sayat-Sayat – Timpohon gate
RM 75.00
5.Timpohon gate – Summit
RM 80.00
6.Summit – Timpohon gate

Check out our Mount Kinabalu Climb video

Email us to book:

hp: + 60 16 4123 304

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Budi Wasisto, (m/52) from Jakarta, Indonesia.
    I will be in Kota Kinabalu from 20th to 24th April 2012 for Vacation.

    I would like to join your Mount Kinabalu 2 Days 1 Night Package, on the 21/22 of April (one Person), or alternatively on 22/23 April.

    Is it still possible? Is there any group on that date?
    I saw in your website the price is RM670, is it still valid?

    I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,

  2. Dear Sir,

    We are looking for 2D1N climbing package for 4 persons within the period of 20 July 2012 to 22 July 2012 whichever is possible.

    Please let us know the details and availability.

    Your quick response much appreciate. Thank you very much.

    CK Yeun

  3. Hello can you please advise if you have availability for 1 night/2 day Mt Kinabalu climb for 3 adults 24,25,26,27 ot 28th May???

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

  4. Hi, interested in your package for 2 male trekkers, climb date 20th July. Do let me know how do I proceed from here. Thanks!

  5. Hai..I would like to know your package price for 4 pax.
    Planning to climb mt. Kinabalu May 2013.
    Thank you.

  6. Hey,

    I would like to enquire about the availability of the 2D1N package on 1st-2nd July 2012 for two pax. I am a Malaysian and is there possible groups that we can join on that particular date? and also the price of rm670, is it still available? Hope you hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • hi jennis,

      tq for calling us earlier. as mentioned, July is Super Peak season and as such, there may not be space available. Can you try around Sept or Oct 2012?


      cuti fan

    • HI,

      Are you interested still in Mt KK Climb? I may be able to get you space, Let me know if you have booked your flights?


      cuti fan
      ps: TQ for your call earlier.

  7. Hi,
    i would like to enquire about the availability of the 2D1N package on 23/4/2013-24/4/2013 for SIX paxs. we are all Malaysian? Hope hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    • hi alicia,

      if it is for next year, it would be around RM850 more or less. Do you want to book now? April 2013 are usually peak season.


      cuti fan

      • hi,
        How come next year package so expensive per person around RM850??
        Is they any this rate : Rate per pax: RM670.00 (MATTA Fair rate for next year) and this year rate for Malaysian 4-6 paxs is only RM760?
        and all of us with have 6 person, so can you give us special rate?



  8. hi, my fren and i planning to go kk mount climbing at 29 dec 2012. Can you quote me the price for 6 malaysian and 1 foreigner?Is the slot available at that period?


  9. Messages: I’m Only one person who like to join the 2days 1 night on 22/07/2012 – 23/7/2012
    I’m able join others in a big group who are single pax to enjoy Cheaper’s package?

  10. hello.. i will be in kk on feb 2013 with family
    please rate this package includes 6 adult and 2 children
    how much ?

  11. hi, my fren and i planning to go kk mount climbing at 4 april 2013.
    Can you quote me the price for 5 malaysian ?
    Is the slot available at that period?

  12. hi

    Any available slot in oct2012 for 4 or 5pax malaysian…can u qoute me the price per person

  13. hery sigit cahyadi

    Hi, my name is hery from indonesia. i’m planning to climb mt kinabalu on april 7, 2013.
    can you quote me the price for 2 pax?


  14. Wan to ask for the rate for 2d1n climb on the19/08/2012.
    5pa from Sarawak.

  15. Hi, I would like to know the rate for 3 pax (Malaysian) May 2013. Please kindly email the detail, thanks.

  16. hi..
    wanna enquire 2d1n climbing pkg on 21 March 2013 for 6 pax.

    special enquiry: are u able to reduce the price if we’re coming to Park HQ on our own?

  17. Dude , please send me a quotation for 6 person (malaysian and local) for 2013.
    And is it possible to get 1 room for 4 person and 1 room for 2 person at the laban rata hut ?

  18. Good morning,

    I am planning to climb on Oct 22-23 this year. Can you email me a quotation?

    Thank you.


  19. hai , can i know Climb Mt Kinabalu 2 Days 1 Night Package
    dept on 4April 2013 price ?

  20. We are in group of 3 or 4 (should be there),

    Plan to for 2D/1N Mount KK climb on Sat, 12 Jan 2013.

    What is the rate then? and how early i can book?

    Any package that do not include transport from KK City to Mount KK (if we drive our own), any cheaper?

  21. i am planning to join climb mt kinabalu at april 2013..can u please quote me the rate for 4pax?

  22. Hi, enquire 2d1n climbing pkg on April 2013 for 6 paxs. Thank.

  23. Hi, enquiry 2d1n climbing pkg on 05-06 April 2013 for 2 paxs. Thank.

  24. Hi, enquiring about 7-10 March 2013 for 3 foreign pax. Could you email me prices? Thanks much.

  25. lim siew boon (ricky)

    Can you quote us for 2 ppl for 2days 1 night from 18 to 20 April 2013?

    Thank you very much

  26. Hi, I intend to climb mount KK on may 2013, one pax. Please advise, thanks

  27. Hi, enquiry for 2d1n, can you quote me for 2 pax from 8 october 2012?

  28. sabahan..

    Enquire 2d1n around 9-13 Feb 2013 for 10 n above pax ..

    thanx cuti fan

  29. HI, can give me a quote for 6 people (2 day 1 night) – either 2 day from 23-26 May. Is it provided transport from KK to the park? Thx

  30. Hi,I would like to know your rates (2D 1N) for 15 pax and above,
    Planning to climb mt. Kinabalu, February 2013.
    Thank you.

    • hello Julie,

      Are you writing from Kota Kinabalu? then you can book directly there,
      your IP address indicates that you are writing from Kota Kinabalu.


      cuti fan

  31. How much per person?Nov 2012

  32. Hi, Can you please quote for 2 person on march 2013? (2D1N). Thank you

    • hello tan,

      the rate for 2 pax for 2013 for 2D1N Mt Kinabalu climb is RM850 per person for Malaysians and RM1120 for International MArket.

      let us know if you wish to proceed.

      cuti fan

  33. Hi which is good time for Mount KK climb?

    • hello devi,

      april-aug is peak season and is more difficult to get accomodation space in laban rata. year end tend to be rainy and so the climb may not be as enjoyable if it rains on your climbing day.
      in any case, 1st quarter of the year should be ok.

      cuti fan

  34. Hi,

    I would like to enquire about the availability of the 2D1N package on 14th to 15th Feb 2013 for four pax. We are Malaysian from Kedah, this is Chinese New Year holiday period, can we join on that particular date? Pls share the updated price. Thanks.



  35. Hi…
    I’m Nasarudin Sapuan from Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM) Kuching. I’m planning with 20 of my students + 2 more teachers to climb Mount Kinabalu somewhere in Feb/March 2013. Is it still available & could you please quote for us?

    Thank you

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