2D1N Mt Kinabalu Climb Rate 2018

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Package
(For 2018 Rates, Please Scroll to the bottom)


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Mount Kinabalu Trail Map via Timpohon



2D1N Mt Kota Kinabalu Climbing Rate for 2018

Accommodation Type No of pax (Price per pax MYR)
Dormitory 1 2-3 4-6 7-above
Malaysian 1,930.00 1,680.00 1,580.00 1,500.00
International 2,380.00 2,130.00 2,030.00 1,950.00

*Rates above are subject to 6% GST


Click here for Full Itineraries to climb Mt. Kinabalu

Package includes:
Meals (1 Breakfast, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner & 1 Supper), 1 Night Accommodation at Laban Rata Rest House or similar (non heated dormitory), Entrance Fee, Return Hotel Transfer (Seat-In-Coach), Return Transfer (Park HQ – Timpohon Gate – Park HQ), English Speaking Mountain Guide, Climbing Insurance and Climbing Permit.

Excludes: Airfares, Certificate, Optional Tipping & Porter Fee, Alcoholic Drinks, Any Items Not Mentioned, Mountain Guides’ overtime after 1800hrs during climbing.

NB: If you hire services below, you need to pay separately there.
1) Porter Fee (MYR 8.00 per kg from Timpohon)
2) Mt guide overtime (after 6:00pm) MYR 40.00 per hour per guide.

Email us to book: cutiborneo@yahoo.com
hp: + 60 16 4123 304


  1. Dear Sir/Mdm,

    Can we confirm with you 2D1N package on 23/4/2013-24/4/2013 for SIX paxs. we are all Malaysian. If confirm how is the payment and what detail you need I can email you all the particulars. Hope can hear from you soon.

    my contact No is : –

  2. Hi… I was wondering this may be last minutes … Do u still have an opening for two person Malaysian for the 2 days n 1night trip this 15/10/12-16/10/12
    Can I get Matt’s fair rate?
    Can I add the activities walk the torq also in the package?
    If so what is the rate

  3. Hi, may I enquire for the availability and rates for 2 foreign climbers of the 2D1N tour package for any dates between 15th to 20th December 2012? Thanks!! =)

  4. I would like to join your Mount Kinabalu 2 Days 1 Night Package, on the 14/15 of April 2013 for 3 persons or alternatively on 15/16 April 2013.

    • Hi Chiok, please confirm with us if you agree with the price. If you ok with the price, we will help you to check the allotment availability for you. TQ ^^

  5. Hi!

    We are a group of 10-12 adults from Singapore who are thinking of climbing Mount Kinabalu departing 9 March 2013. We are interested in the 2 Days 1 Night Mount Kinabalu Climbing Packages. We would prefer to depart on 9 March, however we are flexible with departing around 9-12 March 2013.
    Would like to get more information regarding availability and the rates!


    Warm regards,

  6. Hi, We are interested in the 2 Days 1 Night Mount Kinabalu Climbing Packages for 9th Aug 2013 to 10th Aug 2013.
    We Would like to get more information regarding availability and the rates. Thx

    Remark: Total Person: 3 Adults


  7. hi,

    i wan ask if there any discount for student?and i plan to go in June 2013..is thre any available??

  8. Hi cuti fan,

    I have a friend , kiwi . Been in Malaysia for almost 12years. Have a working permit. Is he/she applicable for the Malaysian rate?

    Is May’ 2013 a good month for the climb?

    Tks W

    • Yes, May is a good month for climbing.

      1) When is your exact travel date?
      2) How many persons to go? (Please specify nationality)
      3) If you confirm with the price, we will check the allotment availability for you.

      Please check your email. TQ

  9. Hi, we are a group of 9. We would like to climb the mount KK 27th JULY 2013. Is there any available?

  10. Hi, just sent out an email to check the 2D1N KK climb package availability on 05April2013. We will have 6 pax.



  11. hi ,

    i like to climb mt.kinabalu around 9-11 January 2012.
    2-3pax for 2D1N trip.
    please inform m about the availability ,rates etc.
    thank you.

    • Hi qid. The rate is the same as you saw from the website. Please confirm with us if you are agree with the price so we can help you to check the allotment availability for you. TQ

  12. can I know the rate RM850 per pax is including the airfares or just the payments cover since I reach kk??

  13. Pls inform me by email the availability and rates for 2 foreign climbers of the 2D1N tour package for any dates between 1th to 4th Jan 2013. Thanks a lot.

  14. hi there … can you please mail the rate for 2 persona (Malaysian) on travel date 3th march 2013.

    thank you in advance


  15. hi, there, please email the rate for 6 pax (malaysian) travel on 23 March 2013

  16. Hi, I would like to inquire about the 3D2N climbing package that you are providing. The people going for this climbing is will be more than 15 people and it is a group climbing. However, the climbing can only be carried out in 2014. Hence i would like to know the cost for 2014.

  17. Hi, we are 4 person group. 3 malaysian & 1 singaporean. We asking whether there are availability on 29/04/2013 – 30/04/2013? Just let us know. Together with the rate per person. Thanks.

  18. hi there … can you please mail the rate for 7 person a Malaysian (4 sarawak & 3 Sabahan) on travel date 29th May 2013.

    thank you

  19. Hi,

    Can u quote for 2D/1N climbing package via Timpohon Gate Trail for 3 pax (adults & all Malaysians)

    Proposed date: Option 1 – 13/9/13 – 14/9/13, Option 2 – 31/8/13 – 1/9/13


  20. Hi

    I would like to enquire for a group of 10 to mount kinabalu somewhere in April 13.
    Possibly the best possible deal.


  21. Hi there,
    We are about 3-4 persons of Malaysia who wish to climb Mount Kinabalu till the top. Kindly provide me information of rate and packages included. TQ

  22. Hi,

    I would like enquire for 16pax malaysian for 2D1N or 3 days 2 night via mersilau package.
    We prefer to climb on 4 July, but we are flexible from 2 July- 5 July as our flight back on 7 July.

    Chun hoe

  23. Hi ,

    May I know how many days advance to book for the trip ?

    Thank you .

  24. Hi,

    I would like enquire quotation for 2pax malaysian for 2D1N night via mersilau package.
    Proposed date: 18/5/2013-19/5/2013 or 19/5/2013-20/5/2013

    Thank u.

  25. Hello,
    Me and my friend will be going KK during 18th June 2013 to 22nd June 2013, please check the availability for 2 days 1 night to KK mount and let me know about the price. Thank you.

  26. Good day,

    Hi, I wld like to enquire the price for 9 Msians for KK Mt climbing 2D1N on 16/05-22/05. Pls give us the best price.

  27. Hi,

    May I know the availability and rates for 3pax (2D1N) either on 28th July 2013 or 19th July 2013?

    Thank you.

  28. Hi, We are interested in the 2 Days 1 Night Mount Kinabalu Climbing Packages within 14th Jun 2013 to 18th Jun 2013.
    We Would like to get more information regarding availability and the rates. Thx

    Remark: Total Person: 2 Adults Malaysian, one of us is Sabahan and we prefer using own transport.


  29. Whats the best price for 4 hikers (2 adults and 2 boys aged 8 and 11 years), sleeping on 18th or 19th March?

  30. Hi.. please quote for 2d1n, 4 international pax, and which date is available on May 2013 (preferably between 7 – 15 May)..

  31. I’m Malaysian, I live at Ranau. Is there any availability in May 2013?

  32. Hi there, we are interested for a 2D 1N hike on 14/9 – 15/9. 7 pax all local. Any availibility?

  33. Hi, enquire 2d1n climbing pkg on April 2013 for 6 paxs. Thank.

  34. Hi. May I know if a 2D1N climb starting on June 16 is available. Please send rates and how to pay. Also, is it possible for me to go via ferrata, walk the torq? I’m also planning to take the mesilau trail. I will be traveling alone. Thank you very much. 🙂

  35. Hai, My name is Christine, Tarakan, Kalimantan Timur, Borneo, Indonesia.
    me and friends will be in Kota Kinabalu on 5 August 2013, for Vacation.

    We are looking for 2D1N climbing package for 10 persons within the period of 6 August 2013 to 8 August 2013 whichever is possible.

    Please let us know the details and availability.

    I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,

  36. Hi, there r 2 of us (one bruneian, one malaysian) who wish to join this tour. We will reach 9/7/13 nite and wish to commence the tour on the 10/7/13. Can i pls know if there is any availability for us to slot in? And how much does it cost? what should we prepare? We r willing to wait till the tour reaches specific amount of ppl for a discounted rate too.

    • Hi Christina, tq for the Mt Kinabalu inquiry. It is the same rate as you saw from our website. Please confirm with us so we can help you to check the allotment availability. TQ

  37. Hi, i would like to enquire for 2d 1n package on the 30th of August 2013 for 4 persons.

  38. Hi,

    I would like to inquiry about the availability of the 2D1N package on 19-22 July 2013 for 1 pax. . Thanks.



  39. Hi,
    I’m planning to do a climb in May’14 for 5 people.
    Can you quote how much would it cost for both 2D1N & 3D2N.
    Any budget package available?


    • Hi,

      isnt that too early. The rates on our website , you just add on around rm30 per person from the current price. That is the estimate. Keep in touch with us and let us know if you wish to proceed.

      Our email: cutiborneo@yahoo.com


  40. Hi Admin,

    I would like to know the package of 2D1N for 3 person on coming 4-6th OCT, is it still available?

  41. Hi, im syarifah, i would like to know the detail of the package for 2D 1N climb package maybe for 10-15pax at 4/3-8/3 2014.pls pm me your detail package itinerary and price..tq

  42. Hi, I would like to inquire about 2D1N package for 1 person. Climbing date is 27 december 2013.

  43. Hi, I saw the 760RM deal on Facebook.
    Can you advise if this is still valid in the end of February 2014 and what date you have available for a 2d, 1n package?

    Daniel (Dutch student doing graduation research in Penang for the last 3 months)

  44. Hi we are a group of 3. We want to do the 2d1n summit package. We are wondering whether do u offer via ferrata packages. Do we have an option of coming down via ferrata?

  45. Hello, I’m going to go to Kota Kinabalu this January 31, 2014 and would really glad to see if I’m able to hike to Mt Kinabalu. Any further information on how to book & manage the trip to the mountain, please send me an email to ferdy.ec@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & regards from Cilegon, Indonesia.


  46. Hi,

    I have a group of 5~8 interested in the 2D1N MOUNT KINABALU CLIMB package. We are looking at 9th to 10th of July 2014. Can I check the availability of the dates as well as the complete package price?

    Thank you.

  47. hi
    we have 3 people, we are going to sabah on apr, and we are very interest for the kota kinabalu mountain climbing.. so may i know how much is de package for 2D1N kk mountain climbing? and we are not malaysian.. i heard there are a different price between malaysian and foreigner?

  48. hello,can you send the quotation for 1person for 2days 1night. I want to go there in nov/dec. Thanks 😉

  49. Can u send me the package for 1 person. Do u have student promtion?

  50. Hello,
    Can you send the quotation for 2-3 person for 2days 1night. I want to go there in April. Thanks

  51. Hello.. Can I know the package detail for 2D1N? Thank for assist .

  52. Hello.. Boleh email quotation utk 20 orang. Tarikh mungkin dalam bulan December.

  53. Hi,
    I would like to enquire about the availability for pax of 4-5 on the 5-6 September 2014 (2D1N package) and the price per person.

  54. Hi,

    Please send me a quote for 2D1N KK mountain package for 1pax (Malaysian) on 23rd Oct 2014. If not available this date, please advise a date between 23rd to 25th Oct.

    Thank you.

  55. Hi, I’m Malaysian. I would like to ask how much per pax if i’m going along with 3-5 person?

  56. Hi, we have 2 pax going to climb mountain kinabalu on 27/10/2014, please advice. Thank you so much/ Daisy

  57. Hello there. May I know is there any quote for one Malaysian to have 2d1n climbing mountain KK package between 26/9-30/9?
    Thank you

  58. I would like to check on availability for 2 pax to climb Mt KK on 30/4/2015. 2D1N package is fine but I don’t need the KK transfer to KK Park.

  59. Hi, I’m looking for 2D1N package for 7 pax between 17-21 June 2014. Is there any slots available? May I know the price per pax?

  60. Hi I’m looking for 2D1N package for 10 person 15~17 Sept 2015.Any slot available n the package price

  61. Hi,

    Is there any availability on the 31st October 2015 for 2D1N package of 1 person(non-malaysian)? How much is the fees it’s exclude transport from Kota Kinabalu city as I have my own transport? Quote me your best price.

  62. Hi, I wanna check from 1-6 June, still have available place for 2-3pax?

  63. Hi, may I know the availability of these date for the 2D1N Mt Kinabalu Package for 2 persons. One is currently studying in University Sabah Malaysia, is there any student rate? Thanks.

    • Hi Notanha,

      when is the date going pls? Our rates are for malaysians, one rate and foreigner another rate as on website.


      cuti fan

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