4D3N Salt Trail Crocker Range Trekking Climb

4D3N Salt Trail Crocker Range Trekking 

If you are a hardcore adventure seeker, and dont mind feeding the leeches along the way, then this tour is for you, a 34 km trekking that used to be used by the native people long ago for trading. It is called “the Salt Trail” because this route was used in olden days to exchange salt. This may be the only access route to the remote villagers in the Park, especially in upper Papar River and Tambunan area. We will be passing by several villages  ie. Kampung Terian, Kampung Buayan, Kampung Kionab, Kampung Melungung and Kampung Tikolod.

Salt Trail, Crocker Range Sabah

Salt Trail, Crocker Range Sabah

Day 1 Expected time of departure: 0600hrs ~ Depart your hotel for 1 hour drive to Km 50 Tambunan Road. Upon arrival, commence trekking at 5,000 ft above sea level, walking downhill on a 45° slope, passing through native villages, primary/secondary jungle and shifting cultivation (5 hours). Stay overnight in village house/Community Hall. (Lunch & Dinner)

Day 2 ~ Trek on gentle terrain and ridges, crisscrossing river beds, native villages, jungle and paddy fields. Stay overnight in village house by river bank. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 3 ~ Wake up to the call of roosters in the morning before continuing our trek along river beds and jungle. Take a dip into the cool refreshing river of Crocker Range and enjoy a picnic lunch by the river bank. Return to village house for overnight stay. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 4 ~ After breakfast, continue your last day of jungle trekking (5 hours) passing through a mixture of paddy fields and secondary forest. Return to Kota Kinabalu after a hearty lunch at the local coffee shop. (Breakfast & Lunch)
Crocker Range National Park in Brief
The Crocker Range is a forest covered mountain range which stretches in a south westerly direction from Mount Kinabalu towards the Sabah – Sarawak border. It separates the coastal plains from the interior regions. Frequently shrouded in rain clouds, the peak rise to between 1200 – 1800 meters above sea and coastal plains. Formerly a forest reserve, the 1399 square kilometers area became a national park in 1984. It is the largest park in Sabah.

The Crocker Range is bisected by the Padas Gorge, through which swirls the mighty Padas River. The Crocker Range provides a vital water catchment area for communities in the foothills and plains to both the west coast and interior.

Previously, there was no road from the interior to the coastal town but only with bridle paths crisscrossing the hinterlands. These bridle paths took the villagers down to the coastal town, bartering for salt, matches and kerosene. These paths have since been known as the Salt Trail and used for this Crocker Range Jungle trek.
Please bring along leech socks, long pants for trekking, sleeping bag at comfort zone 15°C or 23°C/ Therma Rest or sleeping mat, rain cover or water tight proof bags, 2.5 liter drinking water bottle, swim wear, insect repellent, walking stick, head lamps (including extra bulb and batteries), personal toiletries, slipper or sandals and energy food (chocolate, raisins, nuts, rehydration salt, glucose, etc)

Note: As temperature at night could drop to 13°C, we recommend that you bring your own sleeping bag, Therma Rest or sleeping mat, whereas mosquito net will be provided. Porters will be available to carry part of your belongings with your backpack or knapsack. All trekkers are required to fill in a confidential Medical Information Form and Indemnity Form which will be provided during pre-briefing session prior to the commencement of tour. In the event of heat exhaustion, injury or sickness, helicopter rescue can be arranged at client’s expense.

Route to trek the Salt Trail at Crocker Range

Route to trek the Salt Trail at Crocker Range


Salt Trail Trek

Passing rivers and hills along Salt Trail

Crocker Range Trek Do’s & Don’ts


• Register your arrival and perform check out after end of tour at the Registration Office
• Inform us of any changes to your scheduled activities
• Understand our in-house rules
• Ask our ranger for assistance
• During an emergency, follow the instructions from our ranger on duty
• Jungle trekking activities must be accompanied by our ranger
• Wear proper clothes and shoes during outdoor activities
• Always drink boiled water
• Bring extra drinking water during trekking
• Bring useful items such as insect repellent, First Aid Kit, toiletries, torch light, and snacks during trekking
• Bring only crucial items while trekking
• Take good care of your belongings and keep them in a safe place
• Put some identification on your belonging before handing over to your personal porter
• Confirm and know the guide or ranger who will accompany you
• Inform the guide /ranger if you have any health problems
• Think “safety first” for any activities
• Keep within your group while trekking
• Check your surroundings before taking a rest
• Bring back your solid rubbish
•Stay alert while trekking
• Take your time during trekking
• Enjoy your stay

• Walk alone in the forest
• Make noise
• Use perfume
• Shade/stop under a dead tree
• Touch any unknown insect or plant
• Take away any forest product
• Use candles after lights are turned off
• Litter
• Open burning
• Hunt, fish, collect and cut plants
• Leave any graffiti
End of service

Includes: Tours and transfers, accommodation & meals as stated and English speaking guide.
Excludes: Items not mentioned

RATE PER PAX: For a minimum booking of 2 persons

Salt Trail Crocker Range Trekking Rate Minimum booking of 2 persons per booking
Malaysians RM1800 per person
Non-Malaysians RM2000 per person

Email us to book: cutiborneo@yahoo.com

hp: + 60 16 4123 304

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