Sarawak Orchid Garden

Orchid flowers are loved by most people because of their colorful flowers and fragrant smell. Orchids can also be used for other purposes like using its flowers as accessory for your clothes or dresses or even for decorations for an event. Adored by many people, orchids are grown for their elegance and fascinations.

Sarawak Orchid GardenSarawak Orchid Garden

In Kuching, there is a dedicated place made to show the beauty of these orchids. It is at the Orchid Garden and is located near Kuching Waterfront. You can take a water taxi from waterfront to the other side and after a few minutes’ walk; you will reach the Orchid Garden. Orchid Garden is open to the public free of charge but you will need to have your finger print scanned at the entrance in case there are orchids being damaged or stolen during that time.


Planting orchids are not as easy as it sounds. Depending on the type of orchids, planting them in an area such as towns or residential areas requires some understanding of it. Sarawak Orchid Garden is taken care of and maintained by experienced Orchids enthusiasts therefore, the orchids in the garden are well taken care of and will all look beautiful. The orchids in the garden are also arranged nicely with their different colors complementing each other. You can see a lot of different types of artificial sceneries made for these different kinds of orchids.


Orchid enthusiasts should head down to Sarawak Orchid Garden and see the various kinds of orchids there. If you are planning to start an orchid garden at you home, this could be a place for you to do some research and see what orchids are to your liking. That is because the Orchid Garden has a large collection of 80,000 plants from 80 types of orchids and 700 varieties. It also has rarely seen orchids such as the Lady’s Slipper, Ceologyne Dearie and Phaleanopsis-Belina.

Sarawak Orchid Garden is not only for orchid enthusiasts. Those who want to take a leisure time off could also go to the orchid garden and have a walk around. The nice scenery of the colorful flowers with the nice fragrant will just let you relax. You can also just sit around at the bench and just let the peacefulness of the garden soothe your soul. In Sarawak Orchid Garden, you can also find Orchid Normah, which is the State flower of Sarawak.

Orchid Garden is a place for everyone to go, and in the future, Sarawak Orchid Garden will be upgrading itself into Sarawak Orchid Park with plans on making the whole garden a recreational spot for everyone. It is a planning worth looking forward to and hopefully it will gather more people into the area to enjoy the whole scenery and flowers together. 

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