Team Building for Charity

Besides having fun and get to know your colleagues better, you can also do it for a charitable purpose. Several activities had been introduced by the experts, and here is the list:

1.       Charity Shopping Spree

Shopping! It is the keyword in this activity. While shopping sounds appealing to most people, there need to be a cause for it. In this case, you will be given a tablet computer, a limited budget, a shopping list and maybe a calculator. Teams will be set loose in a local mall, and the team that managed to purchase as many items and spend as little as possible wins. The purchased products will be given to the families in need.

2.       Cooking for a Cause

Teams will be required to prepare all sort of food based on simple and limited ingredients. It can be a cooking competition or preparing dishes that does not require to be cooked on fire. The simplest form of cooking contest is making the most delicious sandwich and yet requires least cost to make. You can invite the targeted group of people which you intend to cook for, or maybe after the contest, you can visit a homeless shelter, orphanage, or even nursing homes to share the food. This way, you can also socialize and communicate with them.


3.       Paws for a Cause

One of the ways to help animal shelter is by collecting donation to buy the animals’ necessities or build a home for them. Through pet-themed games, the team will earn money based on their points that will be used to buy animal supplies. Winning team is decided by the points they get during the games.

Another activity is building kennels to help needy dogs or cats. The teams will build kennel(s) to help animal shelter so that they can take care of more animals or replacing the old one.

4.       Green Thumbs

This is where the team needs to roll up their sleeves, as they need to deal with pots, soil, plants and water. First thing first, the team will need to decorate their own planters using their own creativity. Better yet, they can build a wooden planter on their own. Then, proceed with planting flowers. These flowers will be used as a decoration at nursing homes or other targeted places.

5.       Care for Kids

There are still many underprivileged schools and school children nowadays. They might not have the financial ability to buy school supplies or the classroom has more broken chairs than the usable ones. Teams can build the chairs from scratch, or use the broken chairs and rebuild it with decorations or paintings on the chair. That will be fun to watch and do as the members reveal their creativity to their members.

Team building is not only fun to do, but now people around you will also get the benefit of the team building activities. You can do it anywhere in Sabah, Sarawak or West Malaysia. Check out our team building packages here : Team Building Packages in Sabah and Sarawak

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