Things to bring during your Mountain Torq adventure

For experienced mountain hikers, they would know what to bring for their adventure. However, for us amateurs, guidance and instructions are needed so that we can have a fun and wonderful Mount Kinabalu hiking. Even if there is so much to bring, remember to pack light. You should keep in mind that you are going to lunge the bag while climbing. Although porter service is also available, it may cost you RM10 per kg, so it is better that you bring it up yourself.

All technical safety equipment required will be provided by Mountain Torq, so be rest assured that you do not have to spend extra on buying the equipment in advance.

So, grab your notebook, and here goes the list.

1.     Raincoat or waterproof jacket

Weather up there is unpredictable; it can be bright and sunny one minute and then rainstorm the next. Make sure you pack a raincoat or wear a waterproof jacket to avoid catching cold.

2.     Warm clothing like fleece jacket, hiking pants

Even though the temperature in Borneo is usually warm, it would not be the same at Mount Kinabalu. Temperature drops according to the altitude. Wear warm clothing during your climbing even though you might feel a bit warm at some point, or you can just pack it in your bag and take it out when it is colder.

3.     Change of clothes for sleeping

Pack a pair of comfortable night wear such as t-shirt and long pants.

4.     Protective gear

Although climbing down is not that tiring, it will hurt your knees. It is advisable to wear knee guards.

5.     Cap / beanie / head scarf

Remember to pack a beanie to keep your ears warm as it can be cold as ice at night.

6.     Gloves

Gloves have multipurpose use when climbing Mount Kinabalu. First of all, it helps to keep your hands warm during night time. Another purpose is that you will need a firm grip while climbing via ferrata.

7.     Sunglasses, sun block and SPF lip balm

As you are getting nearer to the top, there will be lesser trees to block the sun, so prepare these things to avoid getting sunburned.

8.     A rain cover for your backpack

To avoid your clothes from getting wet during rainfall, you need to use a waterproof backpack. Another cheaper way is to pack your clothes in a tightly secured plastic bag before putting it in your bag.

9.     Comfortable covered trail/ hiking shoes

Malaysians called it ‘Kampung Adidas’. This would refer to the cheap rubber shoes which can be purchased nearby Kinabalu Park at Kundasang Market. Do not underestimate these shoes, it workes greatly on Mount Kinabalu terrain. Plus, its anti-slipping feature keeps you steady on rocky surface.

10.  A small / lightweight towel and Personal toiletries

Accommodation at Mount Kinabalu is usually dormitory style, so they only provide basic accommodation. You need to bring your own towel and toiletries.

11.  Refillable water bottle

Please bring at least a 500ml water bottle unless you do not mind being dehydrated. Water is refillable at check point so you do not have to bring extra bottles during your climb.

12.  Torchlight

You will proceed climbing on wee hours so please bring torchlight. A head torch is preferable as it does not hinder your movement and you can use your hands freely.

13.  Camera

Remember to bring a camera to record your own historical moment of conquering the highest via ferrata in the world!

14.  Energy snacks

Snack such as chocolate, nuts, biscuits, sweets or energy bars can help boost your energy level.

15.  A small backpack to contain your things

Besides your backpack which contains your clothes and other essentials, you should bring a smaller backpack to put your water bottle and snacks.

16.  Anti-nausea or pain killer tablets

Most people who climb Mount Kinabalu will have altitude sickness, so remember to bring it with you just in case.

The above are some of the recommended things to bring when you want to climb Mount Kinabalu via Mountain Torq adventure. Now, all you need to do is bring your challenging spirit to Mount Kinabalu. Even though it is going to be harder once you are getting closer to the summit, strive hard to get to the top but do not force yourself. Lastly, enjoy the exhilarating Mountain Torq climb!


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