What About Kuching 2017 – an event to celebrate Kuching Arts, Culture and Lifestyle

A new event for Kuching city has been planned out. “What About Kuching 2017”, or also known as WAK 2017 will be coming to town from 29 Sept to 30 Oct 2017.

Over 20 components had been lined up. There will be new programs every day during the 30-days event.

What About Kuching 2017

What About Kuching 2017

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On the first and second day, there will be Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival held at Kuching Waterfront, Grand Margherita Hotel. With the main stage facing the Sarawak River, visitors get to enjoy great music while strolling around open air and indoor food courtyards, arts, crafts, specialty bazaars. The concert will start at 7:00pm till midnight on Friday and 7:00pm to 1:00am on Saturday for a grand finale.  Hurry and get your tickets to see various artists from around the world!

From Malaysia, there will be Sheila Majid; Malaysia’s Queen of Jazz, Diana Liu; Sarawakian singer won 1st runner up in the second season of Project SuperStar 2007, Jolynn J Chin; also Sarawakian who was known for her versatility in piano playing, Borneo Big Band Feat Jessel; an ensemble of twelve highly talented musicians that will amaze you with their musical repertoire that includes sophisticated jazz, dance and Latin music. Akoustik Connexion, The Shanghai Sisters, Andy Peterson, UKBD and many more will be performing at the festival.

Every Wednesday throughout the event, there will be a “Sharing My Passion – About Kuching Series” session at The Museum Café and Shop, located at the Main Bazaar. In this session, artists, artisans, musicians, naturalists, travelers, dreamers and enthusiasts of all sorts will be sharing their passion.

Other programs that has been lined up for the event are Samba Carnaval, Heritage Tree Walk, ASIA-Link Sketchwalk: Kuching 2017, The Borneo International Beads Conference 2017, PechaKucha Kuching, Sarawak Adventure Challenge – The Lost Mines, Wordsmiths of Kuching with Guest Poet: Poetry Workshop and Spoken Word Performance and others.

For Samba Carnaval, Queen Farah Dawood de Morais and her team of dancers and percussionists had been invited to bring world-class Brazilian art and entertainment to Kuching. Asia-Link Sketchwalk event that will be held at The Granary Kitchen & Bar is going to be a 3 ½ days sketching event. Sketchers from around the world are invited to join this event in order to get to know one another while they sharing skills and stories.

An event that adventure seekers will be looking forward to is Sarawak Adventure Challenge – The Lost Mines; where participants get to spend the day mountain biking, trail running and caving through the best rainforests, rivers and caves that surround Bau, a former gold mining town on the outskirts of Kuching.

With all these events lining up, Kuching will be bustling with activities. This might be the perfect time to book your flight ticket to Kuching!

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