What should you do after climbing Mount Kinabalu?

So, you finally made it to the top of Mt Kinabalu after a long trek along the trails. Congratulations! So, what’s next? Well, obviously you need to make your way down from there. And then why not have a look at the places surrounding Mt Kinabalu. After all, your journey does not need to end after climbing Mt Kinabalu.

Take your time as you explore the areas around Mt Kinabalu. There is no need to hurry. You must be familiar with Laban Rata by now, as you will have spent a night resting there on your way to the summit of Mt Kinabalu. Why don’t you spend another night here before continuing your return journey? Take a rest at one of the guest houses here and continue to enjoy your time high up in the mountains, knowing that you have finally conquered Mt Kinabalu.

When you finally reach your starting point in Kinabalu Park , you can start exploring the vast parklands. One place that comes in mind for you is the Poring Hot Springs. Why don’t you take a bath and unwind after a long hard journey from the summit of Mt Kinabalu. The water, with its sulphuric minerals, is good for easing all these muscle aches that you will definitely have after the long hard climb up Mt Kinabalu. There are both indoors and outdoors bath available.

Kipungit Waterfalls

Kipungit Waterfalls

If you want to have a dip somewhere cooler, try out the 10 metres tall Kipungit Waterfalls just 15 minutes away from the hot springs . The fresh cool water will definitely wake you up from your exhaustions. If you happen to be here during a weekday, you would enjoy some peace and quiet as this waterfall is basically deserted.

Care for a massage after the long climb? Why not go to Kampung Luanti where you can indulge yourself with the unique fish massage treatment. Some say the fish massage treatment has its healing properties especially if you are suffering from skin disease. Immerse yourself in the Moroli River where the specially trained Malaysian Mahseer fishes will nibble off your dead skin cells. After your session ends, you will be left with smoother skin and also with the knowledge that you have actually managed to let yourself get nibbled by lots of fishes!

As you move further away from Mt Kinabalu, you should go and experience how the locals living around the mountain go about their daily lives. 12 kilometres away from Kinabalu Park , lies Kundasang Village . This small sleepy town is famous for its fresh markets. And you can also visit the Kundasang War Memorial and Gardens that commemorate Allied prisoners of war during the Second World War. It is just on the hill overlooking the fresh markets. You can visit the four beautiful gardens. The beautiful pine trees and blooming roses planted here is a stark contrast to the reminder of horrors of the past war.

 Kundasang War Memorial

Kundasang War Memorial

You want to get cheap souvenirs before heading back to Kota Kinabalu? Well look no further and take a tour of Pekan Nabalu, famous for its souvenirs, pineapple and most importantly, toilet stop. You will be spoilt for choices here. Various handicraft, t-shirts and gift stalls line up the town market. If you know how to haggle, you’ll get a good bargain that is unmatched elsewhere. The big pineapple serving as the town’s landmark is a good place for you to pose during your photo-taking sessions.

 Pekan Nabalu

Pekan Nabalu

As it is said in the beginning, your journey should not necessarily end after climbing Mt Kinabalu. There is no reason why the trip back from there will not be as exciting as your journey to the summit. There is so much to do and see after conquering the summit of Mt Kinabalu. And, believe me, it will add to the fun memories that you have here!

Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring

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