What To Prepare and Pack When Climbing Up Mount Kinabalu

Climbing up Mount Kinabalu is not something to be taken lightly. You are going to need to bring a few numbers of items as preparation. Mind and physical strength is one thing that you should prepare. The next thing you should know is to prepare the things to get to the top of Mount Kinabalu as the climb can be very challenging.
Things to bring Mount KInabalu
1) Headlamps
It is always recommended to take headlamps. You might want to start off your journey early. If it is still dark headlamps comes in handy. The earlier you start, the earlier you will get down from the mountain top.
2) Jacket or Sweater
Bring yourself a thick jacket or a sweater. The temperature at the top of Mount Kinabalu can be very cold at times. You might even consider on wanting to bring a pair of gloves with you for protection during the climb.
3) Waterproof Items
If you do not have any waterproof bags, you might want to wrap up your bags with a huge plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet. There are times during the climb when Mount Kinabalu can be very wet. It depends on the season you are picking too.
4) Spare Clothings
This might come in handy. Spare clothing just in case you might want to change after having that sweaty climb to the top of Mount Kinabalu. Also a spare pair of shoes just in case you want to change to make the climb easier for you.
5) Cap
If the weather gets too hot during the day, a cap is what you are going to need. Having a cap helps you to cover your face from the sun heat if the weather is hot.
6) Sunglass
Sunglasses is also important. The sunlight might actually cause you to have difficulty to climb and reaching to the next peak. So having a pair of sunglasses will help and protect your eyes from experiencing unwanted temporary blindness during the climb.
7) Water Bottles
The climb can be very exhausting. You might want to consider on bringing at least 500ml water bottles. Bringing two bottles will save your day from exhaustion if you do not mind refilling it with natural water from the mountain tops.
8) Walking Stick
Looks useless but it comes in handy when you get down. It helps you to keep you safe on treacherous routes especially when you get back down. If you forgot to pack one then there is no need for you to worry. Before climbing up Mount Kinabalu, do stop by at the registration counter. It is where you can actually spend RM10/- to rent a walking stick. It is better to spend that much rather than spending RM50/- to buy a walking stick.
9) Snacks or Packed Lunch
Before getting up there, do bring some quick energy bars and keep it at your side pocket where it is accessible during the climb. It takes a lot of energy to get up there. You are going to need to fill up efficiently whenever you can. Do not forget lunch packs as well. The climb might take at least half a day.
10) Cameras
You would not want to miss the moment. Make sure you bring along spare batteries for your camera. If you are using your phone camera, then be sure to charge it overnight before the climb.
11) Medical Kit
It is always recommended to bring at least one pack of medical kit. You may never know when you are going to need it. Most importantly, be sure to bring some headache tablets, flu, and gastric. Do not forget to pack up some Dettol and bandages to tend to your wound.
12) Insect Repellent
You will start off your journey from the lower parts of the mountain. The lower parts of Mount Kinabalu is a thick forest and bringing an insect repellent to repel mosquitoes, is something you would want to do.
13) Lip Gloss
The weather can be rather humid when climbing up Mount Kinabalu. If you have a sensitive lip, you might want to carry a lip gloss along with you for the climb.
14) Sun Block
It depends on the season of your climb. If you choose to climb during the middle of the year in Malaysia to Mount Kinbalu, the weather can be very hot. It is advisable to bring sun block to protect your skin from UV light rays.
15) Towels
Do bring a piece or two to wipe your sweat off. You are definitely going to need it badly.
16) Gloves
A pair of gloves will help a lot during your climb as well. It will keep your hands warm when getting up there and at the same time protect your skin from irritation if you do have sensitive skin and unwanted blisters and cuts during the climb.
17) Binoculars
If the camera is not enough due to your camera lens with limited view, then bringing a pair of binocular will work for you. It may not be able to take pictures but at least it will give you a good full view on what Mount Kinabalu is really like from up there.
18) Suitable Walking Shoes
Make sure you wear something suitable for the climb. Avoid using working leather shoes, jogging shoes, football shoes and slippers or sandals. They are not reliable and safety is an importance too.
19) Passport or I.D
Be sure to bring your passport or I.D for registration when climbing up there. The management have the right to check on your identification for clearance and its standard operating procedure before and after the climb.
Now that you have got everything in place, one final advice is to make sure the items you are carrying must not exceed 10kg. If you do, you are going to have trouble to get to the top. Best is still only to bring whatever you need. Remember, preparing well to get to Mount Kinabalu top is a mandatory. It is fun and yet challenging and can be very tiring too! Happy climbing people!

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