Amazing Mulu Pinnacles 4D3N with DB Story

Do you want to go to Mulu and have a Blast of a time there exploring the Caves, the Pinnacles and nature there?

Watch the video below as we brought 2 complete strangers on a trip of their lifetime to Mulu. Everyone was Sceptical but do Watch and have FUN!

First video is about the founder who went out in search of the 2 individuals and the whole program. Second video and third video were on the trip with 2 strangers to Mulu.  Enjoy!







Mulu Pinnacles Scenery


Benarat Lodge Mulu


Day 1: This morning we depart on MASwings flight to Mulu National Park. We then meet the guide and transfer to your accommodation for check in (for morning arrival only). We proceed by van to Park HQ. Take the plank walk to visit DEER CAVE, one of the biggest cave passages in the world. Close to Deer Cave is LANG’S CAVE, small but beautifully decorated. In the evening we will wait at the entrance to Deer Cave, where thousands of bats emerge most evenings to hunt for insects over the forest. We then return late in the afternoon to Park HQ and transfer your accommodation for dinner and overnight. (**Lunch, Dinner)

Day 2: After breakfast we depart by longboat at 0830hrs to the source of the Clearwater River. We first stop at Batu Bungan Penan Settlement for a short excursion of the settlement. You are able to see the hand made handicraft like baskets, bangles, mats by the Penan tribe. From there we go by boat to visit WIND CAVE with unusual calcite formations, including the tall, slender stalagmites in King’s Room. Just a few hundred meters upriver lies CLEARWATER CAVE where you have to climb 200 steps to the cave’s main entrance; visit the Lady’s Cave and the underground river. The pool at Clearwater Spring is a nice place to swim and picnic. After lunch we go by boat beyond Clearwater Cave. From Long Lutu, an easy 3 hrs walk through virgin forest bring us to a Park hut on the bank of the MELINAU RIVER where it leaves the MELINAU GORGE. We overnight at Camp 5 (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 3: The limestone mountains of Mulu are bedecked with sharp needles: the biggest and best examples, “THE PINNACLES”, are on the north end of GUNUNG API mountain. Early breakfast and this morning we climb over 1000m up the steep path to a viewpoint overlooking the Pinnacles (the steepest sections have aluminum ladders for safety). If the weather is good, the four hour climb will be rewarded with wide views over the forest to Brunei and the South China Sea. Return to Camp 5 for another overnight stay. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 4: This morning we return on foot to Long Lutut and by boat down the Melinau River to Mulu airport for your flight departure. (Breakfast)

Deer Cave

Lang Cave

Handicraft by the Penan tribe

Penan Tribe


Requirement for the trip:

1. waterbottle 2. raincoat 3. torchlight 4. towel and toilet and bath kit, 5. torchlight 6. 1 long sleeve shirt and pant 7. 2 t-shirt 8. a bed sheet 9. sun lotion 10. a small first aid kit. 11. toilet paper

Flight information: You can use any of the flight to Mulu and return.

Ex Miri – MH3630hrs ETD0920hrs

Ex Kota Kinabalu MH3255 ETD1305hrs

EX Kuching MH3196 ETD 1115hrs

Ex Mulu – MH3631 ETD 1025hrs

Ex Mulu – MH3196 RTD 1315hrs ( Tue, Fri, Sun)

Ex Mulu -MH3254 ETD1540hrs

Package Price (ex Miri): RM999.00 per pax.
Price includes: all transfers in Mulu, airfare Miri-Mulu-Miri only ( if from Kuching/KK, may need to top up), entry permit and fees, accommodation at Benarat Lodge and camp 5, meals (4B, 4L, 4D), excursion to Show Caves of Mulu and Pinnacles Climb, and Nature Guide.

Price excludes: Guide tipping (RM5 per pax per day), flight from Kuala Lumpur to Miri/Kota Kinabalu/Miri and personal items.

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