Experiencing basic living skills & nature at Camp Mike, Matang, Kuching

Camp Mike, located at the foothills of Mt Serapi, is a 45-minutes’ drive from Kuching city, nestled at a jungle-type experiential learning camp is the brainchild and owned by Michael Lim (thus the name of the camp), who loves outdoor activities and would be more than happy to impart his wisdom and experience to the younger generations.

The idea to create this outdoor learning camp came from his parents, after years of observing the young generations nowadays. Kids these days are spending more time in shopping malls rather than sweating buckets in sports and other activities under the sun. By creating this camp, Mike wanted to educate the youngsters about basic living and to live in nature.

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At Camp Mike, the training facilities are mostly temporary. It means that most of the infrastructure can be set up quickly, usually in a day before a camp session, and taken down once the camp ends. All of them are temporary infrastructure except for the roofed open-air meeting hall he had constructed next to the fish pond which he called it the “Cow Shed” .


Group Presentation at Camp Mike

Once the participants are in this camp, there will be no more cellphones and wireless internet as their mobile phones must be handed over to the facilitators for safekeeping. Parents are advised not to call their kids during the camp session unless there is an emergency.

You can even forget about the comfortable air-conditioning. The accommodation that you will stay in are tents, set-up by the participants upon arrival. Meals are cooked over open fires. Here, they learn about basic survival skills such as how to dig latrines, tie secure knots and navigate their way in a jungle.

Although the kids are spoiled with the city lifestyle, they will have a blast during the camp session. Experiencing new things in a real-life adventure proved to be more fun than what you experience in video games. The participants can take part in blindfolded jungle treks and night-time walks on the mountainside, or enjoy water activities such as fishing, rafting and kayaking. At night, as cliché as it sounds, you can even sing-along with your friends around the campfire and tell ghost stories.

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A part of the objective of this camp is for the participants to learn about nature and skills, and the other part is for them to enjoy them while learning. At Camp Mike, there are plenty of opportunities to learn basic outdoor survival skills. Their “hands-off” approach lets the participants solve the problems by themselves ads a part of the learning process.

So, in the next team building event, why don’t you visit this amazing camp and meet Mike, the friendly camp chief whom will greet you warmly at his camp. You will be amazed by what he will be educating you and don’t forget to marvel over his amazing bungalow surrounded by forest. After all, it is his backyard where you are going to do your outdoor camping activities.

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