New trail up Mount Kinabalu starting 1 Sept 2015

Mount Kinabalu is now ready for climbing after the soft opening on 8 August 2015. It takes nine weeks of rebuilding the damaged trails and repairing the wrecked buildings, and climbers are invited to climb this amazing mountain once again.

On the soft opening day, they had tested the Timpohon Trail in order to assess the trail. This alternative route is believed safe for climbers. However, there is a limit to climbers’ capacity, as only 100 of climbers are allowed to climb per day. This would be a day climb with a cut off time of 2pm, as they will climb up to Laban Rata only because the trail to the summit is still under review and will not be open until it is deemed safe for climbing. The climbers can choose whether to spend the night at Laban Rata or climb down on the same day when they book with the park.

On another note, the Mesilau Trail which was heavily damaged during the earthquake remains closed.

Thus, after many difficulties, on 1st September 2015, Mount Kinabalu had officially opened its Timpohon Gate for climbers.

Instead of repairing the existing trail, the state had developed an alternative trail as the old path was claimed unsafe for climbing. This is because they feared the fallen large boulders found along the old path would harm climbers in case there is any earth movement in the future.

The authorities had warned that this new alternative route may be tougher as they are steeper than the trail that was used before the earthquake.

Mount Kinabalu is expected to be ready to accept climbers to the summit by 1st December 2015. Until then, we hope the restoration work to proceed smoothly.

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