Heart 2 Heart with Orang Utan program at Matang Wildlife Centre & Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre.

Heart 2 Heart with Orang Utan Volunteer Programme in Kuching
This program is recognised worldwide and a part of our conservation work to help the orang utans and raise fund to take care of them. This program is suitable for schools, corporate social responsibility, organizations, churches and anyone with a keen interests to know more about our distance cousins.

Orangutans are endangered species, they are only found in the rainforests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.
At Matang Wildlife Centre, the orangutans were brought to the centre through a few different channels. Some are captured when they are found injured in the wild. Some are confiscated from their owners while attempting to be smuggled out of the country. The children are sometimes found abandoned when the parent(s) have been shot by poachers. If they are not rescued, there is an extremely high chance that the orangutans would die or be killed in these situations.
The Heart2Heart with Orangutan Volunteer Programme in Sarawak is one such volunteer tourism programme where participants voluntarily pay to work at the orangutan rehabilitation centre.

It aims to showcase the orangutan conservation efforts in Sarawak to the global community and to raise awareness on the importance of saving the orangutan from the brink of extinction.
As a treat for putting in a hard day’s work, volunteers are transported to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see the rehabilitated orangutan family in their natural surroundings.

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